Medicaid is a federal and state program administered by the state that covers the majority of an individual’s long-term care costs in a skilled nursing home.
Individuals applying for Medicaid must meet strict financial criteria.  A single person can have no more than $14,850 (2017), in non-exempt resources. The resource allowance for a married couple is greater and the rules are much more complicated when there is a spouse in the community.
In a word, YES…

There is an extensive amount of information requested by the Medicaid intake office. Medicaid requires 5 years of bank statements and all financial accounts.

Explanations and verification concerning any transaction made during that time period will requested as well as, documents such as:

  • Life insurance info
  • Vehicle info
  • Marriage status
  • VA benefits
  • Health insurance info
  • Pension
  • …And much more

Failure to comply with requests for information could lead to loss of coverage or denial of benefits.

It is not unusual for an application to take 5-6 months to complete. Complicated cases could stretch to 6 – 9 months.


We process Medicaid applications ONLY, and we work with families to answer questions presented by Medicaid.

Summit processes more Medicaid applications than anyone in New York State.

Summit will work with your Estate Planning attorney to ensure a successful outcome.

We do not do estate planning or give legal advice.

Yes. The fee for our services is an allowable part of their “spend down” to reach the Medicaid eligibility resource limit or they can use their remaining resources to pay the fee.

YES. Your case manager will obtain any and all documents required.

Summit will continue to represent your loved one until the Medicaid case is determined.

Make the call today to (716) 332-6487 or toll free at (866) 404-7427.


You made me feel very comfortable and took the worry out of all of my questions. Thank you for all of your help.

Judy Loweski - Applicant’s Daughter

Summit Health Care Solutions' expertise has simplified what would have been a very complex process for us, allowing us to focus on the care of our loved one.

Mike Calandra - Clarence, NY

When I turned to Summit for help, they relieved me of all the details necessary to complete the application. I am so glad to have Summit working for us.

Mary Lou Lewis - Applicant’s Wife

You have no idea how much your help has meant to me. This has been a very challenging and stressful time for me and my mother. We appreciate all you have done!!!

Sue Tsakos - Applicant's Daughter

When individuals and/or families find it’s time to apply for Medicaid, it can be  intimidating to say the least. Summit Health Care Solutions provides relief creating a win-win for both the client and the facility.

Randy Gerlach - Schofield Care Administrator